Inspiration, Passion, Innovation IGNITED MEDIA!

  • Ignited Media Design began in 2017.
  • Our experience is in developing custom websites and applications.
  • An unmatched commitment to quality
  • We love what we do!

What makes Ignited Media DIFFERENT ?

We love what we do, so we don’t have to charge too much to feel like our effort was worth it. If we could work for free, we would still be building websites and custom applications.

Since we love doing web design and development so much, we pour our heart, soul, and inspiration into it.

What this means For You?

This means that we are constantly on the look out for new technology, and busy sharpening our skill out of pure enjoyment. It means you will have a website that is affordable without sacrificing quality. It means you will be a repeat customer of ours for years to come, because nobody loves web design like we do!

All of our code is written to W3C standards, and has been tested for maximum cross-browser compatibility, and works well on mobile platforms. Our designs are built based off of market research with your target audience in mind, customized for maximum usability, visibility, aesthetics, and function.

All of this is our nerdy way of saying OUR SITES LOOK AWESOME AND WORK WELL !